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Is it possible to become a professional gambler in India?

Indian authorities have for long debated the pros and cons of allowing land-based as well as online gambling operators to be present and offer its services to the Indian people. Regardless of what they eventually decide on, we know for a fact that online gambling on betting sites based outside of India is not illegal today, and it won’t be tomorrow either, which is good news for us gamblers. This is the reason why we would like to share our insights on how to become a professional gambler in India.

The founders and employees of India Gamblers all identify themselves as “a passionate online gambler”, whether it’s about playing online casinos or betting on our favorite sports. In this article, we will share our insights and tips when striving to become a professional gambler in India. Or, let me rephrase, is there such a thing as a professional gambler?

If you’re very knowledgeable in certain sports, and you have a passion for sports betting, then the answer is yes. You either already are or can become a professional gambler. It is not uncommon for skillful fantasy sports players or sports bettors to have a positive ROI on their wagering. If you, on the other hand, prefer casino gambling, it is highly unlikely that you will be profitable over time. Casino gambling should be seen as entertainment (we agree, it is really fun!). You can of course still have some big wins now and then but in the end, you have the odds stacked up against you, so you’ll eventually lose.

A professional gambler has an eye for detail

Gambling has very little to do with luck, and especially so when it comes to being a sports betting gambler. Insight and numbers matter and you’ll need to be fully up to speed on the activity before putting down a wager. Make sure you own your game and calculate your chances of winning a particular wager. A professional gambler always makes qualified guesses based on a detailed analysis, which will assist you in completing your objectives. Always look to, and rely on, statistical data from public sources, or a fellow gambler.

Consistency increases ROI for any gambler

Do not place the entirety of your cash position on one game or wager. Reduce risk by spreading your bets and positions across multiple different options. A professional gambler does what any professional stock market trader does, they continuously hedge their positions. Lock an amount that you’re willing to lose and stick to it. Also, make sure you have the liquidity to move forward with a new bet if and when an attractive one presents itself. Always make sure you never gamble with more money than you can afford to lose, As a rule of thumb, be certain you’re wagering cash you can stand to lose and still appreciate the game. The love and passion for the game are what should make a gambler carefree and in the end boost ROI. As long as you act rational, according to a set plan, and don’t let your feelings take overhand, you’ll always stay on top of the game.

Mental steadiness for a cool-headed gambler

A professional gambler always adapts to the most recent winnings and losses. All gamblers will eventually run into winning days and losing days, whether you like it or not. Whatever you do, don’t let your feelings outwit you. It’s how you deal with your losses that will decide whether you’re in it for the long stretch or not. Stick to your plan, stay solid and leave the game when you’ve reached your predetermined milestones or limits. A professional gambler doesn’t fly on a whim, they stay solid and stick to the plan, regardless of whether they’re on a good streak or a bad streak.

A professional gambler stick to what they know

Bet with your head, not over it. This expression can be applied to the size of your wager, but also on what you’ve decided to wager on. If you know one game better than the other, always go for the one you know. The more knowledge you have, the greater the likelihood is of winning a bet. A great gambler sticks to what he knows and doesn’t go astray, he will stay true to his knowledge and focus on the positives. A professional gambler will not change his position subject to other people’s activities – and knowing when to throw in the towel keeps them on top of the game.

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